Workers’ Compensation After A Georgia Workplace Accident

Workplace safety is of utmost importance in any industry, which is why there are strict safety regulations that employers and employees must adhere to. If there is a failure in workplace safety compliance and a serious injury results, the injured worker is entitled to recover workers’ compensation.

Workers’ Compensation

Over the course of his career, our founding attorney, Alan Wheeler, has represented people who were hurt in many ways on the job. He has seen everything from work-related chemical burns to inhalation cases and broken bones. In every case, he works hard to achieve the best possible results, guide people through the process and get them the workers’ compensation benefits they deserve.

Our firm, the law firm of C. Alan Wheeler, P.C., can help you with a wide range of workers’ compensation issues, including those that involve:

  • Workplace accidents: Construction site injuries, falls from scaffolding, car accidents involving commercial drivers, back and neck injuries from bending, stooping or lifting, and other injuries that result from sudden incidents on the job
  • Repetitive motion or stress injuries: Injuries that result from frequent and repetitive motions such as those in factories, computer-oriented jobs and labor-intensive jobs that may wear on tendons and joints
  • Exposure to harmful substances: Occupational illnesses and diseases that result from workplace hazards such as asbestos, chemical fumes and even loud noises that, over time, cause deafness

Some workplace accident injuries can be addressed through short term medical care, but many injured workers face more long-term consequences. You need to be sure that your medical care reflects your immediate needs as well as any issues you may face down the road. Today’s injury may influence your ability to work in your chosen vocation and may limit your income as a whole for many years.

We can help you present a claim for maximum compensation so that your needs are reflected in the compensation you receive. Contact our office in Macon, Georgia, online or by telephone at 478-216-3038 to work with an experienced trial lawyer who can fight aggressively for you.