Experienced Family Law Counsel

Your home life should offer stability and comfort. For many people, however, familial relationships become complicated or adversarial. Remember that the problems you face today with your spouse do not have to dictate your future. Through experienced and strong legal counsel, you can make sure your rights are protected as your family situation changes.

An Experienced Trial Lawyer Can Protect You

While negotiating a favorable agreement between you and your spouse during family law disputes is ideal, you need to know that your attorney will be able to stand up for you aggressively if issues get that far. Trial attorney C. Alan Wheeler approaches every case with an understanding that it could go to court. He offers personalized and compassionate representation to individuals throughout Georgia.

At the law firm of C. Alan Wheeler, P.C., we represent clients throughout Georgia in a full range of family law matters, including:

  • Contested and uncontested divorce
  • Post-divorce modifications
  • Paternity and legitimation
  • Child custody
  • Child support
  • Domestic abuse/family violence
  • Grandparents’ rights

Doing What Is Right For Your Family

It is crucial that the agreements you arrive at during your divorce reflect your family’s particular needs. If a judge in court is not presented with a thorough case for customized child support arrangements or custody agreements, he or she will simply use family law guidelines to determine the outcome of your case.

We will work with you one on one to make sure your concerns are addressed. Whether you are concerned about your family’s safety from domestic violence or want to make sure child support payments are fair for both parties, we can help you.

Contact our office in Macon, Georgia, online or by telephone at 478-216-3038 to discuss the details of your case with an experienced attorney.